What influences your drive to success?

I would dare say that the influences of our lives come in all shapes and sizes and do not develop over night. For the better, influencers of my life have not always stayed by my side the whole way which makes me believe that in order for an individual to have consistent evolution of ones self, there has to be an understanding that influences present themselves at specific times in our life.

Past influencers of my life that hold significant value would be primarily my coaches in sports. There is an element of persuasion with the words that coaches say to boost performance levels in all their athletes. Now, these performance levels are not specifically geared towards the sport but geared towards the mental state. The mind is a beautiful thing and if trained well, can lead to huge success down the road.

 Present day influencers take form as close friends who have walked a similar path. There is an essence that we are all in this together one step at a time. Some fall short and we are all there to throw a hand out for them to be pulled back up. Perhaps this in itself is a level of reached success because we have realized that without our influencers, we would – I dare say – not have the drive to succeed as we would otherwise.

 So I ask again, what influences your drive to success?